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Miele laboratory glassware washers eliminate the need for hand washing, which reduces glassware breakage, promotes lab safety, and maximizes student and teacher time.

While research organizations worldwide have been relying on Miele glassware washers for years, more and more high schools, community colleges and small universities have been discovering the time savings and increased safety benefits of automated glassware cleaning.

From undercounter units for in-lab use to large capacity systems for central wash areas, Miele can provide a washer to fit your specific needs. Miele washers feature 304/316 grade stainless steel wash chambers, an interchangeable basket system, direct injection cleaning for any type of lab glassware, connections for DI water, automatic detergent and neutralizer dispensing and HEPA filtered forced air drying.

Miele Laboratory Glassware washers out clean the competition with faster cycle times, less water consumption, quiet operation and more safety features. Designed, built and tested to provide years of active service, Miele Laboratory Glassware washers will be the durable workhorse of your classroom or lab.

If you are building a new school, expanding an existing one, or renovating a lab or classroom consider including a Miele laboratory glassware washer. Your students can concentrate on the lesson, teachers can concentrate on teaching and the labwasher takes care of getting the glassware clean.