For 30 years, Kent Scientific Corporation has been serving medical and research scientists as a worldwide provider of integrated solutions for pre-clinical research and drug discovery advancement. You can choose from an outstanding portfolio of leading-edge products and proprietary technologies to meet your research requirements. To meet your technical and clinical needs, we have assembled an outstanding group of dedicated employees to provide superior technical support and clinical product training at your facility.

As the world leader in non-invasive blood pressure measuring equipment for mice and rats, we enable our customers to achieve results that are fast, reliable and precise. Customers can rely on our cutting-edge web site and online catalog to deliver the latest technologies and products, reliably and competently. We, at Kent Scientific are committed to improving the quality of life through advancement in scientific research.

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Kent Scientific Corporation SurgiSuite

Kent Scientific Corporation SurgiSuite

Multi-Function Surgical Platform

The SurgiSuite Multi-Functional Surgical Platform has an easy-to-clean, chemical resistant base which includes a channel for collecting fluids during surgical operations.

A larger platform is available which provides an increased surface area for warming, ideal for larger rodents.
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