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Rad Source Technologies has been researching, developing, and producing non-isotope irradiation equipment since 1997. Its first product, the RS 3000 X-ray Blood Irradiator is a medical product used in hospital and blood banks around the world for the irradiation of human blood to combat Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD), a frequently fatal disease to immune deficient patients. This unique, patented device is the only medical, non-isotope machine allowed by the U.S. FDA specifically for GVHD. Rad Source's success with this equipment resulted in installations throughout the United States and, in 2003 an exclusive licensing agreement with MDS Nordion. Adapting its previous technology for the laboratory research market, Rad Source has been producing the RS 2000 since 1999.

The RS 2000's primary application is public and private research institutions performing cell, small animal and selected test application studies. These products are currently in use at various research institutions around the world. Again, this product makes use of patented technology to deliver a uniform and consistent dose satisfying the exacting needs of researchers. Rad Source's constant research and cooperative collaboration with Universities and private technology companies produced a very high output, non-isotope, x-ray emitter known and patented as the "4 pi X-ray tube" (Patent No. 7346147). In 2004, Rad Source delivered its first product using this technology. Since the development of the 4 pi X-ray tube, Rad Source has been invited to present to the National Academy of Sciences panel on self-contained sources, the ASTM, IAEA and NRC regarding isotope source replacement. Rad Source's production facility is located in Suwanee, Georgia where engineering, integration, and final testing are performed. Rad Source also manufactures its 4 pi X-ray tubes in the facility. Rad Source has significant resources available in design and dosimetry of radiation products. Rad Source's experience with supporting private, medical, academic and public institutions provides a broad base of service and support experience. For this reason most service is performed directly from the factory, with travel available as needed. In addition, Rad Source utilizes local technicians in select areas, but will always have available an in-house expert where necessary. Rad Source's experience and knowledge of irradiation sources and efficiently producing irradiation as well as the support necessary to it including dosimetry, shielding and knowledge of associated regulations provides a basis of credibility for practically expanding the use of irradiation in both existing and new markets.

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THe Ideal ideal  irradiation of small animals

THe Ideal ideal irradiation of small animals

The RS 2000 is the industry standard for whole body small animal irradiation for bone marrow ablation in mice. It will not cause skin burns on animals and has a 94% or greater dose uniformity. read more