VetEquip, Inc.

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Pleasanton, CA 94588-0785
United States of America



Our Goals are Safety, Efficiency, and Reproducible Results

Since 1982, VetEquip has specialized in advancing the science of inhalation anesthesia in the research environment and has dedicated itself to developing the world's finest and most progressive anesthesia delivery systems for use with laboratory animals. VetEquip will be recognized as the number one worldwide provider of solutions for inhalation anesthesia systems for use with laboratory animals and respected for its continued dedication to the safety of the patients and the investigators in the research environment.

Within the next decade there will be a VetEquip anesthesia system in every research facility worldwide. VetEquip will be recognized as industry experts and a complete solutions provider in inhalation anesthesia by offering the best price performance products on the market. We will seize all opportunities to build upon our core competencies.

Value our stakeholders
Effectively apply advanced technology to innovative solutions
Total customer satisfaction
Encourage employee growth
Quality is our number one priority
Understand and embrace diversity
Integrity before profit
Passion of employees and partners to provide the most progressive anesthesia delivery solutions

All aspects of our designs come from your real-life situations. We maintain constant contact with the veterinary anesthesia community and share our knowledge through wet-labs and educational seminars. Our systems are thoroughly evaluated by investigators performing studies in all areas of research.

Our staff is experienced in veterinary medicine and laboratory animal research. We understand your need for effective research, and our systems minimize patient stress and investigator exposure to trace anesthetic gases.

VetEquip's Philosophy on Quality Can Be Summed Up in Three Points

There is no room for mediocrity.
You should never pay for anything less than premium products and services.
The customer is the best judge of quality.

This philosophy is more than just a credo; it dictates how we work.

To demonstrate just how serious we are, we are pleased to extend to you our "100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee."

Finally, a guarantee that lets you decide whether you're satisfied.

What follows is the entire guarantee in all its simplicity. Read it as a reflection of the confidence we have in our quality equipment, dedicated support and outstanding service.

VetEquip's 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee to You

1-year money-back guarantee.

If you are not fully satisfied and delighted with the VetEquip product or service furnished to you, just call 1-800-466-6463 within one year of delivery and we will make arrangements to issue a full and prompt refund to you.

7-year replacement guarantee.

If for any reason you become dissatisfied with your VetEquip product, we will repair or replace it without charge with an identical item or an item with comparable features and capabilities. A prudent maintenance schedule is recommended for the continued proper operation of your system. This includes an annual preventative maintenance of the machine and the vaporizer. Please refer to our website for full service recommendations.