Exemplar Genetics

P.O. Box 198
Sioux Center, IA 51250
United States of America


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Exemplar Genetics is focused on the development of miniswine models to assist in the treatment and cure of human diseases. Exemplar Genetics creates models that have been genetically modified to mimic human genetic disease and can provide the support necessary to study these models.

The company currently has three divisions, ExeGen miniswine, our Genetically Engineered Models division that focuses on model creation and delivery, our Custom Model Development business that provides researchers with the opportunity to develop models of disease specific for their research, and our GE Animal Services business that provides housing, care and regulatory assistance for the GE animals we create.

Exemplar has successfully created the ExeGen miniswine models in LDLR, P53, ATM, SCN5A, DMD, CFTR. There are 7 additional models in the pipeline to assist researchers find therapies and cures.

Exemplar owns, maintains and sells a high health Yucatan miniature swine for research testing. This herd serves as the genetic base for our ExeGen miniswine models as has been utilized extensively in the industry.