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At Charles River Research Animal Models and Services, we understand that the quality of our research models has a direct impact on what matters most to your research. With a global network of commercial breeding facilities, rigorous biosecurity and genetic standards, and research support services such as surgery and preconditioning, we can provide you with an animal model to meet your specific research needs.

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Our diverse portfolio of research animal models, including disease and immunodeficient models, rodent surgery, health reports, online literature, or our Research Models and Services Catalog
To request a copy of the A Guide to Modern Strategies for Infection Surveillance of Rodent Populations: Beyond Sentinels , contact us at 1.877.CRIVER.1 (1.877.274.8371) or

Charles River offers an Animal Model Evaluation Program which allows you to assess the quality and compatibility of our animal models before making a commitment. To take advantage of this program, please complete our Animal Model Evaluation Request Form.

For a price quote or to place an animal order, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1.800.LAB.RATS (1.800.522.7287).