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Breeder of Mauritius origin cynomolgus monkeys.

Since its establishment in 1984 with a mission to personally impact the development of new cures and therapies, Bioculture Group has been supplying naturally occurring B-virus, SRV, STLV SIV, SVV, and malaria free Macaca fascicularis to the biomedical research community to improve the lives of people worldwide. Bioculture produces F1, F2, and F2+ purpose bred cynos in its AAALAC, Home Office, and ISO certified and approved facilities in Mauritius. Bioculture cynos are available in the UK, EU, US, and Southeast Asia.

Over the last 25 years, Bioculture has become a world leader in innovative and welfare focused design of our cyno housing areas. Our animals are housed in outdoor cages which incorporate numerous features that enhance natural cyno specific behavior. Our cages are up to 4m in height and include multi-tiered rest and play areas, swinging platforms, wooden perches, ladders, wooden trunks, hanging and fixed drums, corner platforms, perimeter runners, communicating corridors, atomizers/misters, shutters and feeding cubicles for babies. Colored polyethylene panels, corrugated iron sheets, barrels, and fiberglass tents are used within pens as refuges and visual barriers, while natural vegetation and thick bushes serve the same purpose between pens.

Our unique housing and the Familiarization and Training program, which uses positive reinforcement training to promote a strong human animal bond, is continuously monitored and improved by our Ethical Review Committee, Animal Welfare Officer, Primate Behaviorist, and veterinarians. Ask us about Client-customized animal training and adaptation programs to reduce stress and speed the time to study post-arrival, such as presentation for swabbing, target training, vitals measurement without physical restraint, or your own special project. Specialty geriatric or confirmed sexually mature animals are also available.

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