Research professionals in the biomedical, veterinary and life science fields partner with IDEXX BioAnalytics for more comprehensive animal health monitoring, research reference lab testing services and veterinary clinical trial support, as well as microbiome and biological materials testing. With a global presence and a team of world-renowned scientists, customers can expect more. Quality that exceeds expectations, innovation that expands possibilities, and global support from IDEXX Labs—the industry leader in animal health care diagnostics. Partner with our world-class team of veterinarians, microbiologists, molecular biologists, and geneticists to streamline your research, generate reliable and reproducible data so you can test with confidence.

Research organizations, ranging from academic institutions to international pharmaceutical companies and independent researchers, depend on IDEXX BioAnalytics for industry-leading research products and services, including:

• Animal Health Monitoring
• Environmental Diagnostics
• Pathology Services
• Veterinary Clinical Trials
• Biological Testing
• Research Aquatics Diagnostics