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Midwest Research Swine (MRS) is a leading source of high quality, affordable research swine and traceable porcine tissues and organs. We are specialists in raising, processing and supplying High Health Herd swine. Our high-quality Yorkshire-Landrace-Duroc crossbred swine can be ordered birth to market by weight, sex and age to meet your exact needs.

Researchers and Medical Device Manufacturers conveniently and economically obtain porcine biomaterials from MRS, a company solely dedicated to providing porcine for research and biomedical applications. Our porcine only abattoir harvests pigs produced solely by Midwest Research Swine from which we collect high quality tissues, organs and bio-samples. In lieu of working with local farmers and slaughterhouses, researchers have chosen to source live porcine animal models as well as tissues and organs for tissue regeneration and xenotransplantation research from Midwest Research Swine’s closed herd with stringent Quality Control Standards.

MRS is uniquely positioned to serve biomedical research including CROs and medical device manufacturers as well as CMOs. For over 30 years, MRS has been a leader supplying porcine and porcine components for critical bioresearch and biomedical applications, including tissue specific scaffolds for regenerating tissue and bone.

Our swine can be obtained from infantile, juvenile, adolescent or mature adult swine by weight and sex. Challenge us to handle your special requirements, our clients tell us – Midwest Research Swine always seems to find a solution.