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For decades, we have been the only breeder of influenza-free ferrets in the United States providing high quality, healthy animals for the continued research and development of preventatives and therapies against the Influenza virus. As a family operated business, the quality, health, and well-being of the ferrets we raise are our number one priority.

With over 30 years of experience breeding ferrets, we understand the importance in maintaining regulatory compliance in order to provide the best research model possible. With this in mind, we have acquired a new facility that allows us to comply with current facility recommendations as well as the ability to continue to advance with the changing biosecurity needs in order to maintain influenza free ferrets. We strive to progress with the biomedical industry adapting to new regulatory requirements and suggestions as necessary.

Want to learn more about our flu-free ferrets and how they can help your research give us a call at 866-582-0340.