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Animal Care Systems manufactures the only motor-free ventilated rodent caging system in the industry.

Combining ultra-high density with our unique carousel design, our one-pass low-velocity airflow technology fully protects your animals without a turbulent or forced air pattern within the cage. Without motors and blowers, our caging provides a microenvironment that is free from noise, vibration and ultrasound, creating a variable-free climate.

Our caging systems do not use electricity and our technology is not disrupted in the case of a power failure, a unique feature that distinguishes Animal Care Systems caging from electrically powered racks. The unique HVAC-driven technology ensures allergens, waste gases and thermal loads do not move from the cage into the room, but rather are directly exhausted out of the room and the cage. Our direct exhaust method improves air quality for animals, personnel and the room.

Our system has revolutionized the field of ventilated caging using our patented airflow technology. Our technology ensures maximum air quality at the lowest airflow inside the cage. With our one-of-a-kind filter designs and freedom from electricity, Animal Care Systems racks have the lowest annual cost to operate and maintain in the industry.

We have many standard and custom accessories and innovative solutions to meet your animal needs and optimize your vivarium operations.

We have established a stellar reputation for our superior customer service and product support.