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LAVAN the innovative animal facility management software enables efficient & compliant handling of all animal data, supporting the work with IACUC, IBC & IRB.

LAVAN will never leave you lost in colony & breeding management providing intuitive tools for excellent performance. This program provides: improved transparency by global and local census & reporting functions, better communication through a scheduled task system & user-distinct roles, higher standards of compliance with full animal history tracking & authorization management. LAVAN increases the overall operational efficiency decisively by meeting the needs of all users through specific interfaces & modules, e.g. for sampling, mating, or compliance related reporting. Animal welfare is supported, meeting the latest regulatory requirements, accompanied by professional severity assessment and tracking tools. Sustainability is enhanced by enabling the paper-free animal room and providing an excellent overview of processes and capacities. LAVAN, the powerful animal research and compliance software solution, is enhanced regularly with novel functions, requires outstandingly low training and will be implemented in your facility on-time and on-budget.

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