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DiLab is a pioneer and market leader in the field of Automated Blood Sampling (ABS) since 1984 and has been providing solutions to the Life Science Industry for over 20 years. The DiLab® AccuSampler® systems are used in preclinical research in major pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations and universities all over the world. The AccuSampler provides excellent accuracy and reproducibility even at very small sample volumes which now enables automation of studies performed in mice. In addition the AccuSampler® can be used for collecting samples from rats, pigs, dogs, primates, etc. In January 2010 DiLab had become a part of CMA Microdialysis AB, a Swedish medical device and research company with headquarters in Stockholm. CMA develops and markets unique solutions for clinical use and for research that enable optimized patient care and accelerated drug development. CMA's product portfolio includes a broad range of microdialysis solutions that enable in vivo sampling and monitoring of tissues and blood.