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The Sterilizer Division of ETC was founded in 1969. Our company specializes in manufacturing Mini-Bulk and Bulk size autoclaves, as well as Industrial size Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilizers for various applications world-wide. We provide standard sizes, as well as custom made sizes, to give our clients the optimal size and door configuration required for maximum throughput. We offer three door designs; Hinged, Horizontal Sliding, and Vertical Rising. Type of door configuration depends upon available facility space. We provide Non-Proprietary parts and components. Our strength is in our design capabilities. We offer the greatest selection of chamber sizes, 3 door designs, and ability to provide autoclaves for difficult to access locations, particularly in basements and upper floors. ETC has a proven protocol for installing “Bulk Size” autoclaves in 2 or more Modular Segments or “SECTIONS”. We have installed Bulk autoclaves in basements and upper floors of a facility WITHOUT expensive or disruptive facility adjustments, i.e. opening up facility walls, need for cranes, etc. HOW? By first conducting a thorough site assessment to determine how many SECTIONS the autoclave will need to be constructed, in order to navigate into and through the facility, elevators, corridors, sharp turns, and doorways. The sections are welded together on site by our ASME Certified factory welders. On site pressure testing and certification is performed in the presence of an independent Authorized Inspector (AI) in accordance with the ASME Code for pressure vessels.

We also offer our unique “EASY GLIDE” loading cart for floor mounted autoclaves. The “EASY GLIDE” loading cart eliminates the need for external trolleys, associated with traditional loading cart/trolley sets used with floor mounted autoclaves. Details regarding these unique capabilities can be found on our website at; Or, you can contact us personally for more info.