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Improve your research with premium cellulose bedding.

Welcome to the Science of Quality Care! Provide the best care, ensure accurate modeling, and reduce costs with BioFresh cellulose bedding.

Our Performance Bedding provides the benefits of cellulose substrate (high absorbency, odor control, light weight) in a low-abrasive, low-dust pellet format. The lightweight pellets are designed for use in all automated dispensing systems, providing a cost effective solution for drier, healthier animals. An added advantage of pelleted cellulose bedding is the settling of fecal matter to the floor of the cage, reducing interaction with the animals while providing a cleaner and healthier environment for research.

Our soft cellulose Comfort Bedding is a trusted solution that is great for nesting. This product comes in natural and white colors to provide research animals the ultimate in comfort, absorbency and thermoregulation.

Improve the welfare of animals with soft, absorbent, and comfortable BioFresh bedding while reducing the stress put on animals with easier clean-up and longer change-out intervals.