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Advanced Anesthesia Specialists is an international innovator in the design and manufacture of veterinary anesthesia equipment. We solve longstanding problems in research anesthesia. Our Darvall brand of anesthesia equipment and supplies includes the world’s first heated breathing circuits for rodents, effective forced-air warming blankets, zero dead space (ZDS) breathing masks, RIGHT HANDED laryngoscopes, and efficient smooth wall rebreathing circuits.

Founded by Dr. Colin Dunlop (formerly Head of Veterinary Anesthesia at Colorado State University) the Advanced Anesthesia Specialists team has extensive background in veterinary anesthesia, engineering, education, and animal safety. We provide technical support, expertise, and continuing education for researchers, veterinarians, and veterinary anesthetists around the world.

Our research anesthesia products feature major innovations and benefits for lab animal anesthesia. The Darvall "zero dead space" (ZDS) anesthesia masks for rodents and small animals allow complete control of anesthetic depth. Our Darvall ZDS Qube rodent breathing circuit reduces anesthetic gas usage by up to 80%. The mask’s diaphragm conforms to the shape of a patient’s muzzle which eliminates waste gas leakage into the work environment and allows for precision low flow anesthesia. This substantially reduces the risk of hypothermia during longer procedures by eliminating the need for high-suction entrainment of waste gases normally used with high flow anesthesia techniques.

Our new Darvall ZDS Manifold can simultaneously maintain anesthesia in up to 5 mice or 3 rats side-by-side for higher throughput procedures.

The Darvall Stinger Research anesthesia machine has dual flow meters which can simultaneously deliver two different concentrations of anesthetic gas from a single vaporizer, reducing your number of gas machines by half.

Our new Cocoon forced air warming system for larger lab animals is quiet, durable, and proven effective at warming patients. We offer a wide range of warm-air blankets designed specifically for veterinary application for use before, during and after an anesthetic procedure.

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