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Animal Care Systems is the only caging systems company founded by a veterinarian with experience in directing AAALAC-accredited animal care and use programs. Our unique motor-free carousel design provides ultra-high cage density, the highest in the industry. Cage number will come close to doubling when switching from library style to carousel configurations. The carousel design provides the highest density of caging in the industry, in addition to ensuring a variable-free microenvironment that is free of noise, vibration, and ultrasound.

Our exclusive airflow system directs and filters room air through the cages and racks directly into the building's HVAC exhaust system. This technology ensures adequate, yet slow, laminar airflow providing an ideal living and breeding environment; our system eliminates airborne contaminants, including allergens, waste gases, and thermal loads at the source: the cage itself. Our systems improve and control air quality for animals, personnel, and the room; unlike electrically reliant racks, our systems are safe even in case of an electrical failure; in addition, our non-reliance on electricity is better for the environment. We also offer services such as room design, installations, and workflow optimization.

In addition to our core products, we have established strategic partnerships with companies such as Alternative Design Manufacturing and Supply, Inc. Alternative Design specializes in quality, cost-effective laboratory animal housing solutions including IVCs, rodent cages, small and large animal cages, runs, NHP enriched housing, and material handling. Check out our website for more information on our partnerships.

Our stellar customer service is widely known throughout the community. Our team includes veterinarians and facility managers with decades of vivarium experience. Unforeseen issues? We’ll work right at your side to address them. Have a simple question? We’ve got a quick answer. Have a tougher problem? We’ll prepare a comprehensive solution. Optimize your vivarium with Animal Care Systems.