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a-tune’s product tick@lab is a pure web application that is based on the a-tune web technology framework. Not only is the suite complete, being able to use portable devices such as IPAD and Tablets are paramount to today’s operations……
We incorporate sustainable building design and construction practices into every project. Experience includes: Vivarium | Non-Human Primates | Large Animal | Aquatic | Avian | Rodent | Canine
Alpha Genesis Inc Alpha Genesis Inc
Alpha Genesis® Inc. (AGI) provides the highest quality nonhuman primate products and bio-research services world-wide.
Star-Oddi, Ltd. Star-Oddi, Ltd.
Star-Oddi offers small, reliable and practical temperature and leadless heart rate sensors, with real time telemetry and data logging. Using an implanted telemetry data logger is an efficient way of obtaining continuous and accurate measurements from the
PPI Restrainer Systems
Primate Products, Inc. (PPI) Enhanced Environmental Housing Systems ensure safety, security, accessibility, efficiency, operational flexibility ...
Art's Way Scientific Inc
Art’s Way Scientific, Inc. is rapidly building the world’s scientific capacity. Consider an Art’s Way ...
Industry's Only Modular Animal Caging System - M.A.C.S.
The Modular Animal Caging System (M.A.C.S.) is the industry’s only modular ventilated caging system. Designed ...
Less stress. More success.
MNX understands that transportation of live animals requires specialized expertise and handling. Every shipment is ...
Cage and Bottle Washers
The SMC Model CBW1026 and its related product group are large capacity, heavy-duty batch-type spray ...
BASi’s Culex
The Culex® Automated In Vivo Sampling System was developed by BASi to collect pharmacokinetic and ...
Flexible Front Isolator/Glovebox:
The chamber of the isolator is constructed of polypropylene on five sides. The front panel ...
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