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Innovative design is a LOMIR hallmark and down to the smallest detail our animal jackets fulfill all the demands placed on today’s investigators.
No business can succeed today by trying to be all things to all people. Instead, it must find the unique value that it alone can deliver to a chosen market.
Dycem Ltd Dycem Ltd
Today, thousands of critical areas are protected by Dycem contamination control flooring solutions, which have been scientifically proven to reduce foot, wheel and airborne contamination by up to 99.9%, protecting your critical areas.
Braintree Scientific Inc. Braintree Scientific Inc.
Braintree Scientific, Inc. provides research equipment and support for medical researchers. We are proud to be able to celebrate over 29 years of servicing the needs of the Life Science Industry.
Animal care facilities in the biomedical field must address and meet the safety and security ...
Rodent Anesthesia Face Mask Kit
<b>Rodent Face Mask Features</b> <br><br><b>• Fits small mice to rats of all sizes</b> <br>• Versatile ...
Briantree Scientific
The Deltaphase® Isothermal Pad is a new approach to body temperature stabilization. It acts as ...
BASi’s Culex ABC
Introducing the new Culex ABC and Culex-L ABC - your solution to automated blood sampling. ...
tick@lab animal facility management software suite of a-tune software Inc.
a-tune software Inc. is a provider of medical research software. Our software suite, tick@lab provides ...
Art's Way Scientific Inc
Art's Way Scientific can offer you the research facility you have been looking for. The ...
Traditional Stand-alone Isolators
We have a range of proven isolator designs for both positive pressure and negative pressure ...
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